Thursday, 11 September 2008

Exhibition of illuminated wall panels at the Appleyard Gallery

In February I have an exhibition of newly developed illuminated wall panels. These are something that I have been developing for years in tiny fairy steps....never getting very far. My friend Susannah Thompson who owns the Appleyard Gallery in Holt, Norfolk and has sold my work successfully and with great enthusiasm for years, got very excited when i told her about them and said that she must have an exhibition! This gave me the final shove to get the idea finalised and develop my panels once and for all!

So I have been working very hard, figuring out the structure of the panels which is just about sorted. Now I'm into the lovely bit - the designs themselves. I'm in full creative swing...cutting out for hours everyday. I am luxuriating in taking my time over each piece. These are not so much 'products' like my everyday range of lamps are, but 'works of art' and it's really nice to work this way! Unusual for me.

The seed pods in the picture (photogaphed on my light table) have been a source of inspiration for a while since seeing them in old botanical illustrations. I love the amazing shapes of the seed pods and their intricate detail.

And tomorrow...leaves, ferns, hedgerow flowers.....I'm excited!

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