Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Goodbye Grandad

Today was my lovely ninety-four year old Grandads funeral. It's been a really special day, getting together with all the family and honoring his life. It's been lovely to see old photos and hear lots of stories about his life.

Look at this picture. My Grandad is the one in the middle row on the right with the ears and the wonky hair cut. My Granny is second in on the bottom left. They have known each other since they were this small!

My Grandad kept an old suitcase full of letters that my Granny wrote him since they started courting in 1936 when they were just sixteen years old. They are so sweet. She is totally in love with him. She worked really hard as a maid and she didn't get to see him much. In her letters she is always waiting until the next time they can be together.

My Dad read some of the letters out during the service. He read the first one that she ever wrote and the last one we could find when he had just gone off to war. 

“It’s hard not knowing when I will see you again but if we are to be spared how wonderful it will be when it’s all over and at last we can be married. Without you my life would be so empty so please take care of yourself. If it’s God’s will we shall come through all this and spend the rest of our lives together…always your loving sweetheart, Meg.

They didn't wait until the war was over and they married 1941. Their first boy, my Uncle Ted was born soon after. My Grandad traveled a long long way to see his newborn son, only to have to turn around again a few hours later back out to war. He didn't see him again until he was three years old. Imagine. 

Thankfully the war ended, Les came back safely and at last they could be together. They had three children. The cutie on the right is my Mum. 

My Granny died fifteen years ago. Every week my Grandad walked many miles up hill to the crematorium with red roses for his sweetheart. I think that's what kept him in such good shape. 

My Grandad died peacefully two weeks ago. Today, Ffion, Euan and I sung them a love song in the chapel. I had to do it with my eyes closed so the tears wouldn't roll out. It was beautiful to imagine them together again. No more waiting.

Friday, 21 August 2015


I've always loved Honesty. My Mum always grew it in the garden and we had a big bunch in a large green wine bottle vase by our kitchen table. Very nineteen-seventies!

I asked my Mum for some to draw last year and she brought me a huge bunch. I laid all the seeds out on my light box and took these photos.  I find it so beautiful. The way the layers of the seeds come apart to the touch, the crispy sound it makes. the iridescence of the pods, the gorgeous shapes and the cute little seeds. 

For years I've considered it's potential as a paper cut light design but I couldn't get my head around how to do it. I decided it was time to work it out.

I started with some drawings and made them into files for the laser to cut.

And a few days later Voila! They held together really well.

It lends itself so well to my technique, 

with the layers of light shining through the seed pods and making the crisp cut silhouettes of the outer shells stand out. I'm liking it. I'm just trying it out on some other sizes and shapes of lamp...then maybe the wallpaper....the fabric....the cushions....oh my the list goes on :)

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Charcoal Paper Meadow

I always love seeing pictures of my products in their new home. Gemma Holtam sent this one. The charcoal wallpaper looks great with the black iron bedstead and the yellow bedding don't you think?

Monday, 27 July 2015

Meadow Grass Wallpaper

Sarah Mason took some photo's of the Meadow Grass wallpaper. 

It's such a delicate design, The colours are so soft. We papered next to white skirting and floor boards to give a better idea of the subtle blue & silver background.

Here you can see how the light picks up the silver metallic. It is so pretty.

My dear boy Ollie enjoyed posing for the Oatmeal & Blush photos. Look at his happy face. This paper looks so lovely in my bedroom behind the wooden bedhead. I hadn't realised that Ollie was bedhead coloured haha. He was the perfect accessory!

The wallpaper looks really cosy in the glow of a lamp too and how well do the Anna Wiscombe wooden flowers go with it? I just love her work.

The third colourway is the grey & gold which looked striking with this yellow chair.

It also worked well with the grey chair. It makes the paper look totally different though doesn't it. Oh colour - you are so elusive!

You can see all the wallpapers on my website here.

Friday, 24 July 2015

It's time for a giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of my fabric I'm having a giveaway!

You can win one metre of Paper Meadow fabric in any of my three colourways. To enter just comment below and tell me which colour you would choose and what you would make with it!

You can see the other colours here.

This giveaway is running across my Instagram and my Facebook page so if you'd prefer to comment there instead please feel free. 

I'll choose a winner next Friday 31st July :)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


As I mentioned in my last post, when I was in Norway I was blown away by the wild flowers. They were in such abundance, lining every roadside and every path, popping up at the edges of the gardens, covering waste ground and generally making their pretty faces known wherever you went.

One day Anne, Jan and the gang took me to visit an artist called Einar Sigstad

He lives in the countryside at the end of a bumpy lane (need I say lined with flowers?) and in this peaceful setting he has his house, his studio and his gallery. How lovely is that!

Einar is a prolific painter well known in Norway and they knew I would like him because as well as his huge portfolio of work he has written and illustrated a book on Norwegian wildflowers and is famous for a painting which translates as 'Alter to the Roadside' where he painted every single wild flower in the county.

I was so impressed by his obvious passion and his attention to detail.

He was a lovely man and we bonded over our love of the flowers. I asked him where I could find the best meadows. 'You mean here?' he said 'I have a meadow. I'll take you'. 

So after he had finished wrapping some paintings for some customers (he was having a busy day) we went to see his flowers and skipped about excitedly at the edge of the meadow exchanging flower names in Norwegian and English.

Daisies. Scabious. Lesser Stitchwort, Harebells. Sorrel. Shepherds Purse. Yellow Rattle. Vetch. Speedwell. Ribwort Plantain. Cow Parsley. Clover. Yarrow. So many grasses. 

Daisies translate as 'Prestekragg'. Priests Collar. I can see why that is but the local name for Cow Parsley is 'dog biscuits'. Wha????

I was sad to leave Einars place and grateful to him for sharing his enthusiasm and allowing me to express mine. He felt like a kindred spirit.

The visit inspired me to draw so I continued my foraging in the lanes near the house. There was even a 'Flower Road'.

Then I sat in the garden in afternoon sun with Anne knitting and the cats lolling, and I drew and drew. Happy was I. 

Thankyou Norway for your flowery inspiration. You have given me much pleasure and a head full of ideas!
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