Thursday, 18 April 2019

Shadow Play

I made a few more laser cut shapes today. I'm pretty astounded at the level of detail that the lasercutter can manage.

This Chinese lantern skeleton is another of my Tiny Treasure motifs and it's come out so well.

 I'm not sure what all these shapes will become but it's lovely having them around. They have a lot of energy about them! 

 And here are the beginnings of some elderberries. It's so nice to play with the shadows.

Paper and light is one of my favourite things.

Friday, 12 April 2019

Paper treasures

I haven't mentioned on my blog yet that I have bought a laser cutter. I have been outsourcing my cutting for years and years to a wonderful man named Bob all the way down in Cornwall. But Bob is soon going to retire so I thought we would have a go at doing our own.

Here she is. She's massive and very red and we had to rearrange the whole studio to accommodate her!

Bob has always been very helpful when I am excited about trying out new designs and he sends me them in first class post but I have to say it is wonderful having the machine right here in front of me as I can get into a creative flow of experimenting and tweaking as I go. It makes the process much faster and much more fun.

The last few months we have been getting to know each other. There have been fights and falling out (the software is pretty basic and very frustrating and the machine a little glitchy) but slowly slowly we are beginning to understand each other. I often ask too much of it as I want really fine cuts but too thin and it won't hold together so I am beginning to understand and work with it's capabilities.

Today everything held together. Everything behaved and I remembered everything I needed to remember! We worked well together. 

I've been tweaking these little paper treasures for a while and today they all cut well.

I'm not sure where I will go with all of these but it's really good to play. 

I first dreamed of having a laser cutter way back before lamps when I was still making handmade cards but they were SO much money at the time and it was way beyond me. Then I found Bob and decided it was a much better idea to have someone else do the cutting BUT it's lovely to finally have one of my own. A new toy with new possibilities. 

Monday, 8 April 2019

Spring Flowers - Debbie George paints Hannah Madden

I was waiting for a delayed train at Manchester Victoria station when I saw this little painting on Debbie George's Instagram feed. It stopped me in my tracks. Now, I see alot of pictures fly by on Instagram (we all do these days right?) and I LOVE many of them but it is very rare that I actually want to own one but within moments I found myself writing to Debbie asking if it was taken. 

Debbie is famous for her beautiful paintings of flowers in mugs. And the thing that was doubly special about this painting is that the mug made by my friend Hannah Madden. I met Hannah on Instagram many years ago when she was just starting out her hand printed textile business.  Debbie I know from many many years ago as her gallery Sanderson, George & Peach was one of the first places to stock my lamps. To see them collaborating like this was just lovely.

Hannah had posted a picture of one of her new Spring Flower mugs and Debbie commented on how much she liked it (she likes mugs, can you tell?) so Hannah decided to send Debbie a mug in the post. 

In no time at all Debbie had filled it with snowdrops and painted it. 

Debbie shared it on Instagram just when I was waiting for that train. It spoke to me and I bought it! 

I'm always on the look out for lovely objects of interest to use in my wallpaper photos (this is how I justified the sale anyway). I knew this would be just right with my new Paper Meadow colour 'brume' which has been waiting to be photographed properly.

 When I told Hannah I had bought the painting she was so delighted then she gifted me a mug too! So here they are together!

Looking lovely don't you think?

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Mallow finds the perfect home

I am so delighted with these beautiful pictures by Dutch blogger and photographer Elle Interieur. Danielle van der Reijden came across my wallpaper on Pinterest and my new Mallow colourway in my Paper Meadow wallpaper spoke to her straight away.

Danielle is well known for a soft and neutral palette in her beautiful home and she wanted to introduce a little colour in a subtle floral wallpaper. Mallow was just the thing.

And so a little collaborative spark between Hebden Bridge and Lisse in Holland began and we exchanged ideas and got to know each other a little bit. I even had some Dutch lessons!

And she is a fast (and excited) worker! No sooner had the wallpaper arrived she was away, sending me videos on Instagram of work in progress as she made space for it in her living/dining room.

Then she set to work with her camera and here are the results.

She has put them altogether on her blogpost and I keep scrolling through it over and over. It is so gentle on the eyes and the soul - the way she has styled the photos and the way she has presented the photo's too. 

It was just my hope for mallow - that someone would see what a gentle and calming colour it is and give it a perfect setting.

In her blogpost Danielle say 'In my home it connects perfectly. I find everything from her collection a relief. The calm, colours and durable paper of the wallpaper I am totally HAPPY!'

And I am happy too. Thankyou so much Danielle for your vision and your beautiful work and thanks Pinterest for working your magic and helping me make connections around the world with my work.

Do follow @ellefotografie's beautiful account on Instagram and see more photo's from her home day to day.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Happy New (business) Year!

Yesterday was a big day of endings. It was the last day of our shop lease, the last day of trading for radiance and the last day of my business year over here in the Hannah Nunn studio. 

So today feels like a new year - a new beginning, the first day of my new business year. A time for reflecting on the past and making plans for the future.  

Moving out of the shop and restoring the premises back to how we found it has been tough emotionally and physically and it feels really good to have finished. Next week I'm having a nice week off for rest and recuperation and then I'll be back to launch into our annual SECONDS SALE!

 The sale will start on my website on Tuesday 12th February at 6pm. There will be many 'seconds' of lamps and candle covers for sale half price and everything else will have a 25% discount. So if you want to buy wallpaper or a chair or something then it would be a good time to do it. The sale will run for a week.

Now that we don't have a shop any more things will be a little different. If you haven't got a stockist nearby and you'd like to see things in the flesh you are welcome to visit me in my studio if you make an appointment first. I think I'll have an open studio day a few times a year too but I'll keep you posted about that.

So, hope to 'see' you in my sale on the 12th of Feb. Until then I will be in the woods or in the Turkish baths or somewhere else just chilling! x

Thursday, 17 January 2019

Goodbye Radiance

On Sunday it was the very last day for radiance. I dug out these photos of the very first day of radiance, way back when we were in our original premises on the end of Market Street and I remembered how scared I was on that morning.

Would anyone come? Would anyone buy anything? Would my vision of a craft lighting shop hold up and support me and my kids? And how do you use a credit card machine? I'd never even worked in a shop before and suddenly I had one!

I didn't need to be scared. People came, people loved it and people bought stuff! We had such a lovely opening and afterwards I was buzzing. 

What had started as a sketch in my sketchbook had become a living, breathing reality and I loved it.

And it did hold up and it did support us for many years to come.

It's nice to look back on these photo's of old radiance. It seems like such a long time ago and I realise what a significant chunk of time has passed and how much has happened and how it has helped my work get out into the world.

So many friends have been made across my shop counter over the years.

Opportunities have blossomed and we have celebrated many things together.

We've had some hard times but still managed to keep the lights glowing thanks to this wonderful community.

When I first opened the shop in 2005, Euan was nine and Ffion eleven. Little did I know that Ffion would end up running the shop in years to come. She did such a brilliant job these last few years and it's been such a joy to watch her grow and become part of the community, just as I did. It's also been hard to see her struggle to keep things afloat in a changing climate. (If you didn't read her beautiful piece about our decision to close the shop you can read it here).

I know that so many people are sad that we have gone and it is the end of an era. We will miss being there but it is time for us to move on. A friend said that radiance wasn't only her favourite shop but it was her favourite place! What an accolade. I'm proud of what we achieved and I know it will be remembered fondly for a long time to come.

Thanks to everyone. x

p.s. It is just the shop premises that have closed. My studio is still very much in business and you can find all my lamps, wallpaper and fabrics on my website. It's possible to come and see things in my studio if you make an appointment first so we know to expect you. I will have a couple of open studios a year as well. 

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Happy Christmas!

The studio is closed for Christmas now and we will re-open on the 7th January.

Radiance will be opening after Christmas on the 27th and our closing down sale will begin then so do come and grab a bargain and help us find homes for all of our stock! It's all got to go!

Thanks for all your custom and support this year. It means so much.


Monday, 10 December 2018

Last Christmas ordering dates

There is still time to give the lift of cosiness and light this Christmas. As the lamps and candle covers are made-to-order we obviously need a bit of time to make them for you, so the last order dates for lamps (including personalised ones), candle covers and floor lamps is this Wednesday 12th at midday.

BUT even after that date you can still order some things as we have alot of lamps ready made and on the shelves waiting to find new homes. From this Wednesday evening the website will only show what we have in stock that is ready to go and we need your orders for these by Tuesday 18th December so we can get everything wrapped up and ready to send in good time for the big day.

If you're uncertain about anything we have in stock and whether we can get it to you just email me.


Friday, 2 November 2018

Radiance is closing soon!

We have an important announcement to make. This will be the last Christmas for Radiance. We will be closing for good on the 13th of January 2019. As you can imagine, this decision has not been taken lightly - we have been VERY up and down, but our lease is up for renewal and another 5 years is too risky a commitment. It feels like things are coming to a natural end. 

I was on the brink of closing the shop in 2015 to focus on my own work when Ffion persuaded me to let her take over. Neither of us have regrets, it has been an absolutely wonderful thirteen years (we opened in 2005!), working with so many talented designers and makers, getting to know our lovely customers and staff and feeling like part of a strong, supportive community. 

Things are changing. Times are hard. People are working more and more just to pay their bills, with little or none leftover. People are thinking more and consuming less (which is a very good thing). People prefer to go directly to the makers. With rent to pay every month, making things work as a retailer is more challenging than ever. 

Hannah Nunn’ is very much a flourishing business, which has been separate from Radiance since the beginning. I am still designing and making my own lamps, wallpaper, fabric and more in my studio in the heart of Hebden Bridge. I sell my work online and in shops all around the world. When Radiance closes you will be able to visit my studio by appointment, to see my collection. When Ffion first took over the running of Radiance, she had just finished her Software Engineering degree. Her web development and design business has been growing ever since and can now support her fully. So don’t worry about us! 

During the winter months in this deep, dark valley, Radiance is at its brightest and busiest. People may assume that this bustling, tourist town would bring enough trade to support us through the rest of the year, but this is just not the case, and this summer in particular has been (for want of a gentler phrase) soul destroying. We speak to other brave faced, tired shopkeepers in town, giving it their all, who also go whole days without selling even a card. 

While we’re here, we urge you to think about what you can do to keep Hebden Bridge (and everywhere else) full of thriving, independent shops. As we said before, it’s not easy when cash levels are low and uncertainty is high, but even if we can all buy one less mass produced, unethical, cheap item this year, walk around town instead of scrolling through Amazon and save up a little bit longer to buy something high quality, it will be wonderfully beneficial. 

We will both hold our hands up and admit to having said that things were expensive, (out loud!) in small shops… maybe we can change the thinking here. Products that are made with good intentions, by healthy and happy people with quality, sustainably sourced materials are more costly, but they are not “expensive”. They are valuable expressions of spirit, not just made for the sake of it, or for massive profits and they are worth every penny. 

We are so sad to share this news with you, but in some ways we are happy too and we would love to see you again before we close, in joy rather than sorrow. Together we can make it a wonderful last few months. We do have some new things and of course there will be reductions in January, all of which we will tell you about on Facebook and Instagram (or if you pop in!) as time goes on. To everybody who has supported us, from buying a birthday card to investing in a sculptural floor lamp, thank you. Without your support we wouldn’t have been able to bring to life and sustain this glowing business for all these years. Thank you so so so much. 

 Ffion and Hannah x 

 P.s. we will no longer be selling gift vouchers and we hope that the few that are still valid and out in the world can be happily redeemed before the 13th of Jan. Just get in touch if you have any questions :)

Friday, 14 September 2018

The Green Lodge Aviemore

The Green Lodge in Aviemore is a brand new holiday home in the Scottish highlands that has just this week started taking bookings. Helen, the owner phoned me up a few months back full of excitement as she had discovered my fabrics and wallpaper on the lovely Snapdragon blog and said they were just what she was looking for and could we make her blinds and curtains for practically every window and send wallpaper too! 

Of course we could. We were delighted to and it is so thrilling to  now see it all in place thanks to these lovely pictures by Vikki Bruce.

 She used Paper Meadow wallpaper  in Kraft in this bedroom. The low wall behind the bed has the effect of a lovely headboard.

 The upstairs hallway features Paper Meadow in charcoal and what a cosy little nook that is!

Helen has used In the Tall Grass to great effect in one of the double rooms

 with a complementing roman blind in Paper Meadow fabric in kraft.

 Daisy Meadow in dusk features too.

This charcoal Paper Meadow blind looks so lovely here.

It was fun working with Helen as she carefully measured up her walls and windows and made her plan. Aswell of photo's of her bare windows and walls to size up there were photo's of red squirrels as they made an appearance in the trees outside the windows. What a delight.

It's such a beautifully crafted interior that you might just want to stay inside the house all the time BUT the house is set in an absolutely stunning location in the Cairngorns National Park with incredible to scenery and an abundance on nature to explore. Sounds like somewhere I would find alot of inspiration.

Have a look at their website. There's a 20% off introductory offer on right now.

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