Friday, 12 December 2008

Magnolia Tree

With all the Christmas hubbub going on and keeping me busy busy busy (THANKYOU all for all the orders!) I haven't made any development time for my wall panel project. My exhibition at the Appleyard Gallery is only hmmmm 8 weeks away so it's time to be getting on with it again. I contacted an artist, Cleo Mussi the other day about some work for the shop and she said she couldn't do any before the end of the year as she was working on two exhibitions. Wow, i respected that but couldn't imagine saying it myself!!!...something to work on!

Anyway there is a small Magolia tree that I pass on the way to the workshop each day. At the moment obviously there are no leaves or flowers but the bare wintry branches are talking to me everytime I pass! I'm going to do something with it today. I think it will make a lovely vertical tryptich. I will add the leaves and flowers myself...from my imagination...and perhaps Flickr!

My cats like this tree too. They follow me to work each day, all bouncy and excited and jump up on the wall to rub their noses on it's branches....

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