Monday, 7 September 2009

Honest Scraps

Lotta Helleburg over at her lovely Inleaf blog honoured me with an Honest Scraps award last week. I have been tagged a few times recently and havent got round to responding (really sorry) so I thought it was about time that I did!

The rules are to link to the person who tagged you, share 10 true things about yourself, pass the award on to 10 other bloggers, let them know about it, and they link back to you when accepted. Ok, here goes...

1. I'm passionate about yoga and do it every day. I’ve been practicing for about 15 years now and think I probably will forever! For the last year or so I’ve been doing a practice called ‘The Five Tibetans’ or T5T and it’s utterly wonderful! It’s just five simple exercises which are extremely energising and they only take about 10 minutes. I love them and thank my lucky stars that they were passed on to me as they make me feel GREAT and give me the strength and clarity to do everything that I need to do!

2.I am so proud of my kids. I guess most parents are aren’t they really but I just wanted to give them a mention here. They are both so talented and i love that the house is filled with their guitar playing and beautiful singing. They astound me with their talent every day! Ffion got her GSCE results this week (they did a few this year, next year is their real GSCE year) and she got two A’s and two A*s. So as well as being beautiful and talented she’s a bloomin’ genius too!

Euan, as well as being a guitar hero is a super talented football player (even I see this and I know nothing really about football) and is training with Huddersfield Town shadow team at the moment. He’s agile, fast, passionate, fair (he won player of the season this year), has scored a billion goals, he’s on the ball (so to speak) and fingers crossed he’ll be in the proper team soon. He deserves to be.
3. I'm glad I had my kids as young. I wasn't REALLY young, not teenage or anything but still young nevertheless. I was 20 when I got accidently fell pregnant and was just taking a year out of college to decide what I really wanted to do (I didn’t like my ceramics course) . So motherhood it was and though it was tough at times – no money at all, a string of rented houses, a strong desire to have a creative business but no time to do anything about it, i LOVED it and we had a lot of fun. And now they’re teenage, i still feel young...and have managed to gradually build up the creative business that i so desired!

4. When I was at Art College (many years ago)I kept a picture diary. Every evening I would make doodley line drawings of what had happened during the day. I really WISH i had kept it up. One day I just couldn’t do it anymore. I think I wanted the pictures to be too perfect...and that wasn’t where their magic lay. They were just unfolding doodles. They are fantastic to look back on though and I can remember crazy little stories that I might have otherwise forgotten.

5. Even though plants and flowers are my main inspiration for my work I have to admit that I am no gardener. I have a tiny shadowy yard and I am truly ashamed of it. It’s a mess. Every year I mean to sort it out ...We’ve been here nearly SEVEN years now and it’s still the same. Any ideas for a small, dark, flagstoned yard? I need inspiration!

6. I love to sing and harmonise and I play flute and low whistles . We have music get togethers at various friends’ houses. It’s good therapy!

7. We live in a flat. It’s a lovely flat, but small for a family of four so we’re doing lots of work on it right now to make the most of every little inch of it. I’ve had to stop watching house renovation programmes on the TV as they make me feel that we really SHOULD be moving to a ‘spacious family house!’ and that I’ve failed the children somehow. They’re fine, we’re fine. We’re COSY! This is the kind of mess we've been in!...getting there though!

8. I miss my friends that are scattered about the globe. Redditch, Holland, Hastings, Somerset, Denmark, Aberdeenshire, Vancouver, Wales...come on everyone, come and live on our street! It'll be fun! :)

9. (it's nearly teatime). If I could hire any kind of home help it would be a cook! I don't often feel like cooking really but I love nice food. Robert is a great cook so I'm a lucky girl! Ffion cooks too sometimes so at least I don't have to do it EVERYday!

10....I'm struggling now. One more true thing about myself? I can't think...ask me anything!

My cat wants feeding and is trying to walk over the keyboard to eatmy pot plant so I'm going to go now....but first I will tag: JodiiJodii, Jurianne Matter, Helen Rawlinson, Ruby Wren, Bluberry Park, Happy4PR, Tracey loves Pattern, Claires Make and Do, Dee Beale, Kate Boyce Here is your Honest Scrap Award! Play if you feel like it! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say!

p.s. Sorry I went on a bit!


Anonymous said...

This is a such a lovely unpretentious story about you as a person. The doodles are a great idea, they would be a great idea for children with special needs. There is also nothing wrong with living in a flat, those house programs get way above themselves sometimes. There were five of us and we lived over our shop for a while. They were some of the best memories I have, full of adventure.

Tracey said...

Oooo I was just reading your last post and enjoying learning a little more about you (I'm a bit nosy like that!) then got to the end and was so surprised to see you had tagged my blog. I had to shout my boy into the room to show him I was that excited! Now what to write.. mmmm.. might take me a few days to think about it, but I will do it! Thank you for thinking of me, it really means a lot! x

Dee Beale said...

Loved reading this post Hannah, really interested in the T5T as I've praticed Iyengar Yoga on and off for the last 10 years and was thinking of starting again after a long break maybe I'll give this a go instead thanks for tagging me been off for a while so lots of catching up to do but i'll definitely get round to it at some point.
Thanks Dee

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