Thursday, 14 January 2010

Personalised table lamps

My laser cutting order arrived today and in it were my samples of some new personalised table lamps. I'm a bit excited about these. I especially like the childrens ones. Thought I'd make these for my nephew and new neice. Emily is my sister and Sam her hubbie.

The possibilities for personalisation are endless really arent they. Song lyrics, poems, messages, names, gifts for a new baby or a birthday. Goodness me.....

I have to work out my prices but I'll put them on my websites soon.


Blueberry Park said...

They are beautiful, Hannah. Interested in putting them on my site?

rossichka said...

A fantastic idea! I imagine lamps with "Sorry!", "I love you!", "Sweet dreams!", etc... Theo's is my favourite!:-)

anna and the ring said...

So beautiful. You may expect another commission in the near future!

Raj Sharma said...

Very nice lights.

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