Thursday, 22 July 2010


Hello again. Long time no speak... I've been very quiet on the blog for a few weeks. Things have been busy here.... at work and at home. I have started to redesign my website. It's due for an overhaul. I want to re think my menus and make it easier to add new products as I design them. I've learned SO much whilst designing my Radiance site that I want apply my new knowledge to my Hannah site too so it will run more smoothly. I want to make it easier to order the personalised stuff too because at the moment that involves lots of too-ing and fro-ing!

It's also inspired some new photos. I have found a beautiful house to do a photoshoot in at some point soon. I'm looking forward to that!

Oh, I bought this String of beads plant today from Easy Cactus. I've always loved these but not had much luck with them. Wendy gave me a cutting last year but it didn't last long. I thought if I got a fairly established plant this time I might have more luck. I promise to take good care of you.....


Amy Hauschild said...

lovely to see you back on it!

My parents went back today and I'm sad...I miss them so...

love Amyxx

Miss Baptista said...

All the Dutch people love your work soo
much !!!!

Miss Baptista

Blogger said...

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