Thursday, 2 September 2010

Busy in the workshop

Sorry I've been quiet. I'm still here working away. Had a rush of September wedding fairy lights to make and struggling to find the right paper for them. Last year the mill that makes my lamp paper went bust (after about 300 years of being in sad) but as it was a good seller my paper merchant made their own version of it which was the teensy weensiest bit thicker. This is fine for my lamps but has been causing problems with my fairy lights. The little bit of exra thickness has put extra pressure on the cylinders. I tried using thinner paper which I thought was ok but have now decided has less of an impact and doesn't show up the letters and patterns quite as well. Right now I am using all the last remaining sheets of my old paper (only 12 A2 sheets left) until I figure out a good fix....theres always something sent to try us!

This stack of boxes here are full of lamps going off to a good stockist of mine. Rural Living in Haselmere, Surrey.


jax said...

Same happened to me with some paper, gutted!
You could try Justin at Fenner Paper, he may be able to help...

Amy Hauschild said...

what a lovely pile of boxes, wish they were coming this way!

good luck with finding some replacement paper..
lots of love Amy xx

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