Monday, 24 October 2011


I'm having a quiet sofa day today (with cats and tea) after a fast paced few days of doing the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair in Manchester. It's been a great show. Always enjoyable to meet many appreciative customers and mix with other makers. My seed pods went down a treat which was very pleasing. It was nice to have something on my stand that wasn't a lamp. I think it was a first!

There was a really fantastic selection of work this year. Best yet I reckon. I didn't get much time off my stand to take it all in, or take any pictures as it was so busy, so I have just been perusing websites from the show exhibitor list to get a closer look and share a few things which I liked . GNCCF have a lovely photo album on facebook from the preview with some great pictures.

I loved Jennifer Colliers paper typewriter. She had also made a camera and a telephone and some lovely lampshades.
Rachel Eardley (sister of Ken, have his lamp bases at Radiance) makes jewellery by cutting the pictures from old coins. Such a clever idea. I love her gorgeous illustrative website.

I've been an admirer of Ruth Moilliets botanical metalwork for some time. It was nice to see it, and her (and her Mum) in real life.
Cathy Miles was there with her wirework. This is the robin I bought for my Mum a few years back. So sweet.
Sally Pawsons stand (and Sally herself) was bright and cheery and I bought a lovely pair of her earrings.
I think Suet Yi's ceramics was my favourite. I was too slow though. She had sold most of it by the time I got there!

This really barely scratches the surface. There was so much beauty and innovation.

Thanks to Matt who helped me Thursday night and Eleanor from Leeds Uni 3D Design course who helped me out for the day on Friday. Without her I wouldn't have been able to have a meeting with my editor so she could show me some possible layout options for the book! VERY EXCITING indeed. It is looking gorgeous so far and made it very real....

By next show (selection permitted) I will have my book on my stand with me!

H is for Home and Indie Quarter have done great posts about the show with some beautiful pictures.


Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Oooh thanks for all the links to new(to me) things! Glad you had such a lovely time. :) x

studio 8 said...

Hi Hannah, glad GNCCF was a good 'un again! Your seed pods look lovely. It's a shame it clashed with the Laura Marling gig, it was beautiful. Sam and I will hopefully make it to Hebden before Christmas for our annual shopping trip! x

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