Thursday, 15 December 2011

Sixteen years ago today...

*I would like to interrupt this crazy, busy Christmas frenzy to take a moment to remember a very special time*
Sixteen whole years ago today my lovely boy was born. Lets set the scene. We're in The Pelican in Laugharne, West Wales, a large green Georgian house on the high street where we rented the top floor flat (fact: the very house where the poet Dylan Thomas was laid to rest on the large kitchen table). See the top right hand window. That's where it's all going on!
It's nearly Christmas, Jo (our landlady) is baking bread in the downstairs kitchen, Keith is on the middle floor landing bottling his home brew, Karen was knocking on the door knocker to see if we were coming to toddler group, Wally the rosy cheeked, curly moustached, jolly old man was about somewhere and I was upstairs having a baby!

Euan came fast, must faster than his sister and so fast that there was no time to drive the 13 miles to Carmarthen hospital. His Dad had taken Ffion to our friend Annes so we could get going but by the time he came back I was in the bedroom ready to push him out! We were on our own. We were waiting for Nia the midwife to arrive. John got Jo up from the kitchen for support and they were total loons. I was in control, totally focused but they were so funny bless 'em. They were anxiously looking out of the window for Nias car. 'What colour is it?' 'Blue' I say. 'Is it a lorry?' says Jo!

Anyway, Nia arrived with 20 minutes to spare and helped me push him out into the big wide world. Jo was sitting in the washing basket watching and she was the first person to see Euans little face ('glaring at him' as she puts it). We wrapped him in a pale blue towel and I was soooo happy. Happy to have my little boy in my arms and so relieved that it didn't take another three days! So fast....but then Euan always is in a hurry. He just couldn't wait to join us! ;)

Now 16 years on his a grand fellow! A top man (as Wendy likes to call him) an all round lovely lad. I am astounded at his talent. Have a listen to this tune String of Angels that he wrote yesterday. I'm such a proud Mummy. Sniff!

Oooh glad I don't have to give birth today though! I will go to work and carry on making lamps and wrapping parcels and enjoy the distant memory!


Rachel Lucie Johns said...

aw, such an amazing story of how your (not so little) boy came into this world! Brought tears to my eyes:)


Zebra Photography said...

What a lovely post Hannah. Happy Birthday to a very talented young man! x

Rachel said...

Oh our little love Euan! He's grown up into such a fab boy. Makes me feel really old though! And spare a thought for those of us about to give birth while you wrap your parcels hannah! X

Ann said...

What a lovely read and a happy birthday to Euan. His song is a fitting accompaniment to the post... lovely, dramatic, and chill inducing in just the right way. :)

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