Thursday, 10 May 2012

All new and all good!

Even though it had been bucketing down all night me and Sarah went for a walk this morning. Eight hours later I can still feel the zing of the woods. It's been with me all day.

It was deeply refreshing to walk among the trees with all their new buds opening into the freshest green leaves all soaked in rain drops.

Sarah took these beautiful photos and I think the woodland magic got to her too because today...drum roll please....

*** she launched her brand new and very gorgeous website! ***

I only met Sarah fairy recently really when she came to take my profile shot for Illuminate. We quickly discovered a shared passion for the woodland and everything in it and have since trodden many muddy paths around Hebden Bridge together marveling at it all. I love what she does and I know she would be very happy if you paid her a visit.


DIAN said...

what beautiful pictures. I will visit the website when I have a bit of time to enjoy it.

Jess said...

Oh how lovely, the woods after the rain! I shall hop over to see Sarah now. :)
Jess x

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