Tuesday 25 September 2012

In the studio...

My studio is the the back of my shop.

I love it's sash windows, wood burning stove and flagstone floor and I papered the walls in gorgeous Cow Parsley wallpaper (by Coal & Son).

It often looks like a nature table full of things that I have collected while I'm out walking.

Things to draw which will be turned into motifs for my designs.

I love a good book or two to help me identify what things are.

This huge Wild Flower book by Sarah Raven is a beauty!

I love drawing

from life, or books or photos.

I love a nice thin black pen to draw with

 but 'drawing' with a scalpel or playing with the Japanese screw punch is satisfying too.

 I also work a lot at the computer scanning in my drawings and turning them into my designs.

My wooden plan chest keeps everything tucked neatly away

as there are so many different tools and poppers and clips used to construct my lamps.

 Making lamps in the back of a busy shop with internet orders going off every day means that the studio can get chaotic and messy quite quickly 

so I make sure I have some peaceful, tidy days when I'm on my own

 and I can get absorbed in the work...

...and potter and dream and plan.

(thanks to Sarah for all these lovely studio photos. She really captured it)


Unknown said...

stunning pictures Hannah! really tell a story, Sarah’s a star ;) x

Anonymous said...

Nice post, nice pics.

Kate Thornton said...

I love seeing how people work in their studios, a great blog post Hannah - almost poetic

custom stickers said...

An impressive introduction as I;m inspired from those who continue work while their studies. Its the best step to obtain higher professional skills until starting the practical life.

Inspiration from letters said...

lovely pictures, lovely studio.

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