Monday, 8 October 2012

All the fun of the fair!

It's been a bit of a whirl at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.

Illuminate was launched into the world and it was received well!

It was busy and fun and it was nice to catch up with old 'show' friends and make some new ones too. Each year the network grows a little wider and gets a bit stronger. It is a lovely world to be a part of.

This year I was opposite Tone Von Krogh with her lovely thrown ceramics

so I had a good view!

I have a lovely student called Bryoney on a placement at the moment from her Textile Crafts degree at Huddersflied Uni and she came to help me out. She did well on the stand and having her there gave me a little time to have a quick explore of all the work on display.

Just down the aisle was Jennifer Collier and I picked out a few more of her gorgeous paper lampshades for Radiance.

One of Jennifers studio mates is Louise Wilson who does quirky wirework.

I was rather taken with her light bulbs. You might see some of those dangling in Radiance soon too.

I saw Suet Yi's ceramics at last years show but  she had all sold out. Thought I'd better snap some up this year. Ffion bought me one for Christmas :) On Suets website she says"Ceramics and I are bonded by destiny. It carries my love for a simple and quiet life".

 I see that. It actually does. It is gorgeous and she is such a sweet person. 

I might have to start a collection. They are so lovely displayed together.

It was nice to Jane Blease with her new table lamps

 and Carla Edwards and I did some good swaps!

...swap you a lamp for some earrings!!!

I met Kate Kelly of Kaper who makes 3D paper sculptures of birds and animals. Her little blue birds were very cute and her owls majestic!

(also coming to Radiance soon....I tried to inspire her to light them up, how cool would that be!)

I think the most astonishing thing I saw was Victoria Walkers kinetic jewellery. Daisies, roses and poppies that actually open and flies that flap their wings.

Her website has little videos to demonstrate. This Lotus one almost makes me cry it is so exquisite.

This selection is the tip of the ice burg, there was so much brilliance and creativity. The GNCCF website has the links to all of it

Thanks to everyone who came to visit my stand. You made it the best show ever!


kirsty said...

It all looks fabulous! Hoping to make it myself one day!

Ruth Singer said...

Lovely round up and SO glad you are having Louise's lightbulbs, they will look great.
Thanks for the book; I am reading it over breakfast every day and thoroughly enjoying it.

Janet said...

It us unbelievable how similar our taste is. We have Suets work, Tones work, Jennifers, About to order Janes, ordered the owls and my lovely husband bought me a POppy necklace from Victoria Walker or my birthday last year. It was great to see you, we are planning a trip to Hebden Bridge before Christmas. Would be lovely to have coffee. Xxx

Dee said...

ooo those owls!

Unknown said...

So many lovely things! I totally see what you mean with Suet's pieces, they seem so peaceful. It is something I love with jewellery too. Victoria Walker's work defies belief doesn't it? - I discovered her jewellery recently and am so in awe! And it won't be long before I get my mitts on your beautiful book!:) Bxx

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