Monday, 26 November 2012

Valley of Lights

Hebden Bridge has  had a hard time this year with the floods and everything and just at the moment as the shops re-open one by one there is a sense of celebration in the air. There has been soooo much effort made to keep spirits up and people have created many lovely events to bring people to our town from far and wide. It's been amazing.

One such event is the Valley Of Lights, which the vision of Totally Locally front man Chris Sands. How amazing it would be to light up the valley... to have a handmade parade of fantastical  lanterns illuminated bike ride throughout the valley,  a glowing flotilla on the canal, music, fire dancers and night markets and celebration! 

Oh yes :) I would have to agree.

They gave all the shop keepers in Hebden, Mytholmroyd and Todmorden some print outs with the sweetest drawings by Angela Smyth to roll up and turn into lanterns to light our shop windows and they have been popping up all over town in anticipation of the event.

Of course I had to give them the Hannah Nunn treatment and do some cut outs, laminate them and turn them into lamps. They are in my shop window and people have been trying to buy them all weekend......No they are for Valley of Lights night!!! (you can make me an offer after the event...all proceeds to Valley of Lights)

You can check out the website for the event timetable.

I can't wait to take photos of the event. Pray for a dry night on Thursday. We need to celebrate!


Hannah Lamb said...

Sounds beautiful and truly 'Hebden'. Unfortunately I can't come as I'll be having an open studio at the Butterfly Rooms in Saltaire. I will keep my fingers crossed that it stays dry for you all.

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