Thursday, 6 December 2012

Our new studio

I've been keeping this photo open on my desktop today to remind me of the wondrousness that is to come. Look how big it is (Sarah's wide angle lens does exaggerate the space but that's fine by me)! It is what's keeping me (just about) sane as we deal with the chaos that is December with a very busy shop/website and a teeny studio to make lamps and wrap lots of parcels. Honestly getting from side of the room to the other is an obstacle course!

It's coming on tremendously. Remember the carpet and the blown vinyl wallpaper? Well it's all gone gone GONE. 

 JP Renovations carried our 86 square metres of laminate floor up the stairs and laid it in three days. AND they took all the carpet away. You've got to love them for that!

And Emma stripped and steamed all the wallpaper off and and is working her magic with the roller (whilst dreaming of cycling..when she's not painting she is an awesome triathalete).

There is a sense of peace in there...and the light in the morning is golden. We can't wait to move in. New Year, new studio! :)


Anonymous said...

Hannah! So excited by all your recent posts! Can't wait to see you in the new studio. Have a great Christmas.

Unknown said...

So so pleased you have found your space and wonderful people to share it with! And what an amazing space it is, fabulous windows. Looks a little warmer than my place ;) xxx

Hannah Lamb said...

How exciting it must be to see this new space unfolding. Best of luck.

pauline said...

Hannah, this looks SO exciting!! The studio space looks amazing. I can only imagine what it's gonna feel like to work in there. So happy for you... xox

marine art said...

\(.^^)/ awsm!!!

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