Sunday, 17 February 2013

What stile!

So many stiles to climb on our walk today.

Old wood, weathered and worn,

warmed by the sun

and smoothed by the touch of many hands.

Some had their own miniature garden.

They guided us on our merry way from Jack Bridge to Jumble Hole

on this beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.


Sally said...

Our family went walking in derbyshire when i was about 9. Grandad had to leave early being diabetic.We turned back ourselves 20mins later to find intials written in chalk and a coin on top of the next 12 stiles for each of his 4 grandchildren in turn. Your photos just reminded me of this. All of us thought he was so magic. Thankyou for reminding me x

Hannah said...

Aw that's so sweet Sally. So there was a point to writing a blog post about a load of old wooden posts afterall haha. x

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