Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Gratitude and the 'Art of Asking'

These last few days have been pure perfection. They have been everything I hoped for when I dreamed of having a new studio. Everything I have long desired. I have been absorbed in designing. Inspired. Calm. There has been space around things.  Peace. Time to plan, dream, draw and design. I am grateful that this time that I have carved out (and it has taken some doing) I have been able to step into and get on with being what I want to be. 

There's so much going on. I'm drawing fritillaries, ferns and feathers, making teeny lamps out of Japanese Kouzo paper, playing with patterns, dreaming up wallpaper and planning for the British Craft Trade Fair which is 4 weeks away. I have been designing a new brochure for the show and I thought it would be really lovely to include some quotes from owners of my work. Do they sit at home of an evening thinking nice thoughts about their lamp? I'd love to know those thoughts.

The night before Robert had showed me this wonderful TED talk. It's only a few days old but apparently taking the internet by storm. 

I LOVE this. And she inspired me to ask. In the spirit of connecting to the people who buy my work I sent a request for help to my mailing list.

I got so much back from doing this.

Heartfelt thanks. 

More than I could have hoped for. I mean someone wrote a haiku! I had so many beautiful quotes. I will use them all somewhere.

I am so glad I asked. x


Helen Hallows said...

I just had to borrow the TED talk for my blog post. Hope you don't mind always you are an inspiration. x

amrita nambiar said...

I love this Hannah, thank you for sharing. You light up a lot of lives, even for those of us too far away to have one of your lamps - through this space.

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