Monday, 24 February 2014

I love the trees in the woods

Our friends came to stay for the weekend and we took little Otis for a walk in the woods.

Piggy came too

and he found holes to hide in

and trees to climb.

Mia and Jack played on the rope swing.

Otis watched.

Mia found leaf skeletons

which made us all seek out more tiny treasures.

Otis said 'I love the woods'.

and then

'I love the trees'...

and then

'I love the trees in the woods'.

I couldn't agree more.


Hannah Lamb said...

Something for everyone - looks like you all had a great time

Pamela said...

This is warming my heart today. I love seeing children in nature and expressing themselves so honestly and joyfully! I am a tree hugger. :)

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