Thursday, 20 March 2014

Paper Love - The E-course

I've been keeping a secret. For the last year my dear friend Rachel Hazell has been putting together an e-course all about paper. Now there couldn't be a better, more knowledgeable or more passionate person to do this. Rachel is a book binder and a paper artist. She has more books than anyone I know, she doesn't throw out a single piece of paper EVER because every scrap is full of potential and she is the only person from whom I receive beautiful hand written letters through my letterbox.

It's been a journey. There has been so much work to do. Months writing in her Iona writing retreat (looking out to sea...can't be bad), hours planning each and every paper project, days scouring her resource library for images and inspiration and many deadlines. 

Remember when I went up to Edinburgh to help her sort out her new studio (blog post here)? Well it was because the Do What You Love film crew were coming. The course has been facilitated by the amazing Beth of Do What You Love who is the most organised person we know AND shares the same love of paper as Rachel. Between them they have created something SO utterly irresistible to paper lovers and lots of them around the globe are signing up to join in.

So the secrets out now and I wanted to tell you about it because perhaps it is right up your street too and the course starts on March 31st so you wouldn't want to miss out. It's a 'Five week papery adventure' and you can find out all about it and sign up here.

Check out Rachel's new Paperphilia website and Facebook page for resources and inspiration and you can see the gorgeous Paper Love brochure right here. The photos are scrumptious.

Look out for the latest issue of Made in Paper magazine too because Rachel also has a project in there.

I'm proud of my papery friend Rachel. x


Diane Foster said...

Hello Hanna ! I am on the course too! I'm very excited about it and like you know Rachel , have done a workshop with her and have the honour of calling her my friend. Her cards and calls were a constant support to me at a very difficult time in my life - she is a warm, vibrant, creative lovely woman and deserves to succeed in this venture. I wish her every success and know that it will be amazing - I can hardly wait! Xx Di Foster

deborah velasquez said...

What a great friend to have! Hello Hannah, so nice to chat with you at ICFF, your stand was gorgeous and you were so lovely! I was gifted Rachel's course and I am so looking forward to it.


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