Friday, 24 October 2014

The colours of the woods

 I almost didn't go for a walk to the woods this morning as it was so wet when I woke up.

But I needed to smell the air and see the little birds flitting about and laugh at the crazy squirrels making a dash for cover as I approached. So I went anyway.

 When I got up there the sun came out and the light was incredible. 

The rain had only made the colours burn more brightly.


Tracey said...

I still need to come up for that walk. x

rossichka said...

Amazing colours and magic woods! It was worth going out for this walk, wasn't it? The sunlight in the third photo looks unreal...:) I would love to see more autumn/winter/spring/summer photos from your surroundings in future!:)

Hannah Nunn said...

Thanks Rossichka I will take them especially for you!

Tracey YES. A Sunday soon?

kuber... said...

I agree - these are all beautiful but that third one is something else!
What a lovely spot in the world you have!

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