Monday, 3 November 2014

Where Women Create Magazine

Ever since the lovely Beth Kempton introduced this gorgeous magazine to me back at the Do What You Love Retreat a few years ago I have longed to be in it.

Where Women Create is one of the best selling American magazines today. It's published by Stampington & Company and it's pages are full of delicious inspirational photographs about women from around the world in their studio spaces.

When I did the Hello Soul Hello Business e-course they ran an inspiring interview with their editor in chief Jo Packham and I was inspired to get in touch. BUT sadly I heard nothing back.

At that time I was still in my teeny 'back of the shop' studio and maybe that was why...

 But the Hello Soul Hello Business helped me to germinate the seeds of my dream studio space and a year later I was in it!

I contacted Jo again this time it was a YES. Hooray!

So I wrote a piece 

and Sarah Mason took some marvelous photo's.

She is in print too :)

It's the November, December, January edition and is on sale now in the U.S. You can place overseas orders on their website too.

Needless to say I'm super excited. I love it when dreams come true.


Ruth Singer said...

Fantastic! I shall buy a copy when I am there in a couple of weeks: -)

Beau said...
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Beau said...

Agh! This doesn't want to post properly. Anyway: Congratulations on such a well deserved affirmation of your artistry and business acumen. It looks like a beautifully assembled article and I will keep my eye out for it next time I'm at Barnes & Nobles. Also, I love your simple admonition: "Make time to be quiet." That has long been a struggle for me and I'm beginning to see the real value, especially now that we're in a little house that (in comparison with our former downtown apartment) is so incredibly...silent. It somehow seems to create room in one's brainspace to digest the chaotic bits and plan their creative expression. I just have to be patient about the bits of time I get to do it. Cheers! ;-)

rossichka said...

Congratulations, Hannah! You deserve more people to admire your incredible art!:) There's always place for dreams in our lives, yes!...

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