Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Country Living Christmas Fair

We just got back from exhibiting at the Country Living Fair in Harrogate.

Usually I do shows with just my own work but Radiance needed a little boost after a very quiet summer (that's what we get when the sun shines a lot) so I thought we'd take the whole shop!

It was fun making a teeny Radiance and the stand was colourful and lovely.

SOOOO many people came, drawn to the lights...

and lots of them fell in love with my wallpaper.

We sold lots of things. Hooray.

And we gave away nearly two thousand postcards!

It was lots of fun. It always takes a lot of effort to get there and set up. How much stock to take? How are you to know when it's your first time? We have learned lots and we have had a little boost. People love my work. People love my shop. I have met lovely customers in person that I hadn't met before (so good to meet you Rachel Brown) and founds lots of lovely new ones too. I have also realised what a fantastic team I have to keep this show on the road. Thankyou so much Suzi, Matt, Emma and Dad. You have been and continue to be AMAZING! Thanks Lawes and Marcel for your essential van driving and loading too.

It was sad to pack baby Radiance away. Maybe we'll go back again next year :)


rossichka said...

It looks fantastic! It sounds like your expectations were overjumped by the visitors of the Fair! Meeting the public is always risky in a way - in theatre, art exhibitions, concerts... How will they react? What will they say? Will they like my work or no? Congratulations on your success, Hannah! The Raduiance display looks so cosy - it would have attracted my attention, too, if I was there!
BTW this may happen one day!:)

Unknown said...

Well done Hannah, it looks beautiful! Pop up baby Radiance shops all over the country perhaps...Hope xmas continues to buzz for you love Claire xx

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