Saturday, 2 May 2015

May Day Morning

There are so many things that compete with that first hour of the day - the golden hour. I would love to be walking, writing, doing yoga, meditating... Usually it's the yoga that wins but yesterday when I opened my eyes and realised it was May Day morning I threw on some clothes and was outside and up the hill about ten minutes later.

What a joy. The sun was rising, the birds were going bonkers and there was that zingy spring feeling in the air when you remember why you stay in this deep valley where the winters are wet, dark and long. 

It's SO beautiful here. I sat on a rock and breathed in the sun and then made my way back down the hill.

Can you spot the lovely deer looking at me? Another bonus for getting up early.

And the bluebells have come out.

Just a few clusters.

Just that half an hour filled me up for the whole day long. The perfect start to a perfect day.

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rossichka said...

Hello, Hannah! You live in such a beautiful place indeed! I continue to discover it through your eyes. I try to imagine how energizing this early morning walk was for you. But... I am "an owl" - I simply cannot get up very early and I will, probably, never change my personal daily rhythm.
By the way, I couldn't fall asleep before our trip back to Bulgaria, so I welcomed the sunrise from the bus. It was magnificent!!:)xx

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