Friday, 19 June 2015

My fabric is HERE!

Yesterday was a happy day. My long awaited fabric arrived from the factory.

Meet my three new babies. Charcoal, Teal and Blush.

It's nearly as tall as me.

It's very lovely and I am ever so pleased with it. The printers have done a fine job indeed.

I love the selvedge. 

So today we have been getting to know it. It a new thing for me.  It's not paper! I have little bits of fabric fluff all over my leggings but I have some neat piles of samples waiting to find their way into the hands of some creative customers...

Next week we will be taking photos and as soon as they are ready I will be putting them on my website ready to go!


Karen L R said...


Lisa Russo said...

Beautiful!I'd like to know where can I find your fabric, I love it.

rossichka said...

Dear Hannah, what a great news! The fabric looks great, you look happy! No doubt, there're many wonderful moments for you to come! I'm looking forward to your next post!:)

Hannah Nunn said...

Thankyou all. I'm so excited :)

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