Friday, 21 August 2015


I've always loved Honesty. My Mum always grew it in the garden and we had a big bunch in a large green wine bottle vase by our kitchen table. Very nineteen-seventies!

I asked my Mum for some to draw last year and she brought me a huge bunch. I laid all the seeds out on my light box and took these photos.  I find it so beautiful. The way the layers of the seeds come apart to the touch, the crispy sound it makes. the iridescence of the pods, the gorgeous shapes and the cute little seeds. 

For years I've considered it's potential as a paper cut light design but I couldn't get my head around how to do it. I decided it was time to work it out.

I started with some drawings and made them into files for the laser to cut.

And a few days later Voila! They held together really well.

It lends itself so well to my technique, 

with the layers of light shining through the seed pods and making the crisp cut silhouettes of the outer shells stand out. I'm liking it. I'm just trying it out on some other sizes and shapes of lamp...then maybe the wallpaper....the fabric....the cushions....oh my the list goes on :)


Tammie Lee said...

so very lovely
drawing and
paper cut

rossichka said...

Looks wonderful! It's nice that you did it - your inner feeling hadn't lied to you.:)
I didn't know the name of this fragile plant, now I learnt it, thanks to you! Even I saw yesterday, completely accidentally, a place where it's growing, so I could see it in bloom, too.
Hope you are all doing well, Hannah! The summer is melting and very soon the school year begins...:)
Hugs from us!xx

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