Monday, 5 October 2015

Bye bye Ollie Boy

It only seems like five minutes since we said goodbye to Tomsky and I wrote that blog post about the  story of how this pair of ginger pickles came to be in our lives. 

Yesterday we lost Ollie too. 

He wasn't really the same after Tomsk died. Ollie had spent most of his life like this, all wrapped up in his brother and having his head licked clean every day. Since Tomsk went he was lost and looked so lonely all on his own. His meow became an empty squeak, his kidneys deteriorated and his eyes became partially blind. He followed me round everywhere, never satisfied until he was securely on a warm knee. Bless him.

Yesterday morning (I wish I had a photo as it is clearly in my head) I got up to find him sitting in bed with my friend Rachel, who was visiting, and her little boy Otis. Rachel was having a cup of tea, Otis was having a banana and Ollie was purring. It was a picture of cosiness. Ollie got up for his breakfast and five minutes later we found him collapsed on the kitchen floor panting. 

The next two hours were so hard. The vet wouldn't come out on a Sunday. He was too ill and distressed to take all the way to Halifax in the car. Poor little man. We just made him as comfortable as he could and kept him company while he passed. 

Ollie loved everyone. If you came to our house he would be curled up in your lap within five minutes like he'd known you forever. He liked to make people feel at home. So it was right that everyone was here with him. Thanks goodness Euan was home from uni to say goodbye. They were good buddies. 

Ollie was surrounded by love and so was I.

Ollie we miss you, you sweet little boy. Thankyou for ALL the love you have given us for the last sixteen years. It's the end of an era. The ginger boy era. You boys were the best!


Michelle said...

I am heartbroken reading this. I am so very sorry about losing your precious Ollie. What a beautiful ginger kitty he was! I know how hard it is to lose a precious pet. Reading this beautiful tribute to your kitty made me cry. Big hugs to you and your family for such a devastating loss. They truly leave paw prints on our hearts.

deborah said...

I just wanted to say how sorry I am about your loss and was greatly moved by your tribute to him. I lost my beloved ginger Biscuit, also sixteen years old, this weekend and so fully understand how you are feeling. My thoughts are with you.

rossichka said...

A heartbreaking post, dear Hannah! Ollie seems to be such a loving soul and devoted friend, I'm so sorry about your loss! But I think you were all blessed to have had these sweet brothers cats, who were like sun rays in your life for so many years! Hugs,my dear friend!xx

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this. Your kitties were both really sweet. We lost one of our 16 year old cats a year ago. The other one is still doing well, although she is a bit lonely, too.

- Carlyn in USA

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