Friday, 13 November 2015

Hannah Nunn cushions!

It seems a long time ago that I asked my fabric factory to print me some cushion panels from my paper meadow fabric. Product development is a lengthy process so when the real, finished product actually arrives it's time for a celebration!

So here you are. I am please to introduce you to my new cushions. This is the charcoal one.

Here it is in blush.

I think this is my personal favourite. This one is printed in reverse to the others and you get to see the lovely oatmeal linen fabric.

Here it is in kraft printed on a bleach linen for good contrast.

All of them have a sweet little Hannah Nunn label with a tiny embroidered grass stem on.

All of them are made with a carefully chosen panel of fabric featuring dandelion clocks, cow parsleys, lots of grasses and dandelion seeds blowing in the wind. 

 They all have a printed front and a plain fabric back.

They are filled with a fluffy duck feather pad for cosiness and all have a concealed zip.

This is the teal colour.

I didn't make them ( i really don't do sewing...they would be rubbish) but they have all been made by clever cushion making experts in the UK and they really have done a lovely job!

You can find them all on my website here.

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