Tuesday, 1 March 2016

In the house of Debbie George and Andrew Sanderson

I had a lovely day last week visiting artist Debbie George and photographer Andrew Sanderson at their beautiful home in Holmfirth. This artistic duo used to have a beautiful gallery called Sanderson, George & Peach in Holmfirth which is where our story began. 

They were one of the first galleries to take my lamps when I was right at my beginning and they sold them successfully for years alongside lots of other beautiful British crafts.They introduced me to the work of Angie Lewin when she was at her beginning too and they chose my lamps to compliment Angie's beautiful prints. It really was a very beautiful space, a gallery that made me want one of my own.

After they had had the gallery ten years they decided that they wanted to concentrate on their own work (sound familiar?) and that was right at the time when I was thinking of opening Radiance. They were soooo helpful in me setting up and showed me their systems for managing work and running the gallery. They even gave me their old wooden cash till that went 'ding' (well it did sometimes anyway...on a good day).

Andrew did one of my first photoshoots and their lovely house and collection of gorgeous contemporary craft made the perfect backdrop.

Recently, whilst dreaming up perfect locations for a wallpaper photoshoot, their lovely house popped into my head and I asked them if they'd be up for it. 

I got a resounding YES.

So I went over to have a look round last week and we dreamed up some ideas. 

Charcoal Paper Meadow in the living room.

So many good props to play with!

Daisy Meadow in the upstairs bedroom...

and all manor of gorgeousness in the shepherds hut at the bottom of the field when the blossom comes out and the daffodils are in bloom.

It's going to be fun :)

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