Sunday, 3 April 2016


I've been playing a lot lately.

With new motifs and old ones...

mixing them up.

I've been doing a surface pattern design with a victorian garden theme for the Bronte parsonage museum shop lately (more about that later) and it has given me lots of new ideas for lamps.

One of the motifs was this delicate fern which has translated well into a lamp design. From a drawing..

to a laser cutting..

to a lamp!

And I have been playing with forget-me-nots too. 

I've also been mixing up engraving and cutting

 and playing with softer shadows to create more depth.

This one is a limited edition 'Daisy Meadow' lamp to go with my wallpaper.

Wild Garlic has made an appearance too

sitting with some ferns and some wood anemones.

And also poppy seed heads.

on candle covers and lamps.

The fern lamp make sweet little off cuts. They are growing all over my studio!

1 comment:

rossichka said...

Hello, Hannah! I like your new ideas and the searching of different, more interesting ways of expression - from the plants till the techniques!
Hope your creative start of the year will go on and your mind and soul will be refreshed and light as they are now... What a remarkable experience you've had with the yoga weekend!
Hugs from our beautiful Spring and me!:)xx

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