Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wild Meadow

My dear friend Suzi has the best birthdays. I thought we couldn't top last years gypsy caravans but this year we celebrated in a beautiful cottage in a meadow! 

Wild Meadow is an eco cottage and the cutest shepherds hut in a three and a half acre meadow near Presteigne on the Welsh borders. It's very new. We were only the fifth lot of guests. The lovely owners Andrea and Jonathan have been building it themselves over the last four years. They only wanted a field to plant an orchard and grow some veg but one thing led to another. What they have created is astonishing.

It was early days in terms of the meadow flowers but there was a profusion of plantain

and the dandelions were a plenty.

The bumble bees were happy 

 and there were lots of wishes for us.

We couldn't wished for more.

We were only there for two days but time seemed to expand for us.

The meadow welcomed us with our songs and our laughter

and we filled up on its sunrises, birdsong, flowers and fresh air.

Suzi was a very happy birthday girl. x

I didn't take any photo's inside the house but it's gorgeous. Check out the Wild Meadow website for more pictures and info. Such a beautiful place to stay.

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Lucelfo said...

Hello Hannah! thank you so much for bringing inspiration wit your work and with your life ! I always felt a familiar connection with the things you write...so I love to pop in your blog and see the news! All the best for the future and still looking forward to meet you in person!

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