Monday, 26 September 2016

Radiance is open again!

It was a good feeling when we hung the OPEN sign on the door again...

and an even better feeling to see Ffion so happy behind her new shop counter. Radiance personified!

 Our opening day was buzzing and we had such a warm welcome back to Market Street. 

There were cards (mostly for Ffion and a little bit for me lol),


cardamon buns baked by this beauty

and general frivolity!

 Radiance looks really good in it's new incarnation. My stuff has it's own wall!

Two walls actually. You can see my fabrics and all my wallpapers

 and a good selection of lamps

including personalised ones.

My limited edition lamps have found their own spot too.  

It's was great to see the new products that Ffion has chosen selling well like these beautiful LED  bulbs from Tala

and the bright origami shades that just keep selling out!

Ffion is a self confessed stationary nerd so you will find beautiful notebooks and wrap too

and the sweetest cards.

And all the old favourites are back like Sarah Lock

Two of Two Goods,

Kate Lycett, Lush Designs (thanks John and Abha for smiley faces)

and loads more besides.

We even managed to get some Wendy Jung tealights too :)

It's been a long old slog since the floods but things are definitely brighter, shinier and more radiant than they have ever been before...all over Hebden Bridge, not just in our shop. Everyone is praying that we stay dry now for many years to come and that we all have a bumper Christmas to catch up again.

We will be donating 5% of all Hannah Nunn lamp sales at Radiance to the Watermark Fund. You can read all about this wonderful scheme to build up financial reserves for the valley here.


Vickie said...

the shop looks amazing, congratulations!

Seraphinas Phantasie said...

Congratulations to this awesome store !
Best, Synnöve

Anonymous said...

great news Hannah it looks wonderful congrats to you all xx very happy to have scooped myself an origami shade too! all the best Maxine

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