Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Foggy finds

After being indoors at the exhibition for four days I hadn't had much light or fresh air so yesterday we HAD to have a walk.

There was plenty of air but not a lot of light. A fog had come down and we climbed the hill into it.

But it made the silhouettes crisper

and the depth of field deeper

and because we couldn't see far was saw closer. 

LOOK what we found.

A perfect birds nest made from moss, sheep wool, tiny twigs and blue thread. It was exquisite and made my day.

And as we climbed back down the hill dusk was falling. Our little town was ablaze with lights twinkling behind the trees. 

It was magic.

Hebden Bridge was aglow. 

Dean was reminded of a little film he'd heard about called The Hedgehog In The Fog and we watched it when we got home. If you've never seen it before you must because it's the sweetest thing. Ten minutes of foggy gorgeousness.


rossichka said...

He-he, this animnation by Youriy Norshteyn is classic, I love it!:)
Dear Hannah, you love your charming town and the nature around it so much, that you make us fall in love with them again and again... Even in the fog!:)Amazing photos! Hugs from us!!

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