Thursday, 29 June 2017

Charlotte's Garden production day

Yesterday was production day at the factory for my new Charlotte's Garden wallpaper. 

I'm always a bit awestruck by the huge machine that it is printed on.

We watched as the deep blue ink was siphoned out of the huge buckets and into the trough with my gravure cylinder in it.

It winds through the machine so fast 

and ends upon this huge 150 metre long roll.

I love the suction wall which holds the paper while you check that the design/colour is working. It's always the first moment of seeing it over a large expanse at the proper scale.

So I have my three colours...

The green is called 'Heath'..

The soft grey is called 'Mist'.

and the blue is called 'Inkwell'.

They are currently being packed and labeled and rolls will be available after the 15th July.

Samples will be available on my website right now.

I'm as happy as this printing machine :)


rossichka said...

Hello, Hannah! The Charlotte's garden design is adorable! Quite possible to be able to see your set of products in Haworth soon.:) Warm hugs from us!

Vickie said...

such lovely colours :)

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