Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Hannah Nunn window film

Window film is something I've been dreaming about cooking up for some time. My designs are all about the silhouette aren't they and as I started out as a lighting designer and then went on to being a pattern designer it's a bit like coming full circle. Combining the two.

I got my first sample cut last thing Friday afternoon. I was too excited and impatient to install it properly so do excuse the bubbles and streaks. But I loved it straight away, bubbles an' all! I posted a picture on my Instagram and had a phenomenal response immediately. A big resounding 'YES PLEASE DO THIS!'

So this week we have been experimenting big time and looking at different ways of manufacturing that are going to fit with my business and my designs.

We can cut out the design from frosted material. We can print frosted onto clear. We can print white onto frosted. Each has it's own unique effect. One offers total privacy if used in a bathroom for instance

but the other creates magical shadows which I LOVE.

I am currently in my studio watching the designs change as the light changes outside, trying to decide which is my favourite.

What do you think? I'd love all the feedback I can get to help with my decision making.


Deborah Vass said...

I absolutely love this!It is such a lovely medium for your work.

Vickie said...

so, so pretty!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I want this for my glass front door! Love all that you do!

Heather Dowling said...

The one with the shadows, the others are really pretty but that is just magical!

Heather Dowling said...

The one with the shadows, the others are really pretty but that is just magical!

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Jeson Devid said...

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