Monday, 30 October 2017

Window film update

So a few weeks have passed since I shared my first pictures of my window film ideas. I have had such a phenomenal response online and at Kew and I have been working hard every day to launch this exciting new product!

I am working in collaboration with the brilliant Window Film Company who are printing the designs for me and each week there are new experiments and new tweaks and slowly slowly I am getting my collection together. 

It's a really interesting medium to play with. The designs change in different lights and it has been enjoyable watching it at different times of day and in different weather conditions.

It casts magical shadows in different places throughout the day!


Most designs, with some exceptions will come either with a a frosted design printed onto clear film (like the picture above) or...

a white design printed on a frosted background, which gives more privacy but doesn't have the benefit of the magical shadows. It still looks lovely though!

  This new design is called Tiny Treasures. It makes a great window film and will be a wallpaper soon too!

The window film will be made to measure and cut to the exact size of your window panes. It's really easy to install too and comes with full fitting instructions and a squeegee.

It could be ready to order in as little as two weeks now. Watch this space. I cannot wait to press GO!


Bekki said...

These look beautiful. I love the way the light plays with the design

Kate Calladene said...

Love these, especially the dandelion and cow parsley one! I have been looking for new window film for a downstairs room that's really overlooked but would rather not have any of the film that completely transparent. I wonder if you might consider some versions that are fully frosted but with the design in a lighter frost (something like this but without the blue

Kate Calladene said...

Actually, on 2nd look I can see that the daisy one is fully frosted. Would be great to have this option on the cow parsley design too! It's quite a dark room so I'm ideally looking for a pretty design that's fully frosted but not so heavy that it blocks out all the light. It's been a long term search!!

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