Thursday, 25 January 2018

Finding inspiration on the walks around Hebden Bridge

One of the things I love most about living in the middle of Hebden Bridge is that I can head out in any direction from my house and within ten minutes be walking in nature. We are surrounded by an abundance of deciduous woodland and the forests are criss-crossed with paths so we can explore them easily.  

Beyond the trees are fields and dry stone walls and beyond the fields are the open moors. You've got to get up some steep hills to get to them but the spectacular views are always worth the climb. 

There really is so much landscape to explore here and it's a wonderful playground for bikers and hikers.

Now I wouldn't call myself a hiker however. I rarely set out for a day with a map and a packed lunch and I rarely go that far. My walks are fairly short. They're the kind you can fit in before work or after tea on a summer evening. They are usually about an hour long and I always take my camera.

 These wanderings are where I find my inspiration for my lamps and wallpaper designs. I can still remember the very spot where some designs were born - the hill where I looked so closely at a dandelion clock and figured out how to translate it into a paper cutting. 

I remember the edge of the meadow where I held the grass up to the light to study its silhouette. I remember the beech tree canopy that I sheltered under from the rain one morning which is now featured on a wallpaper and window film.

Me and my daughter often say 'going for a walk is always the right thing to do'. It can lighten a bad mood, quieten a busy mind and make you feel soothed and connected to something bigger than yourself. 

And then of course there are the treasures! I can always find something to inspire me.

So I thought I would write a series of posts that introduce you to some of these short* circular walks. They will all start from the centre of town and they will take in some of my favourite routes. Together we'll visit some beautiful spots and see what treasures each season brings. 

Perhaps these walks will inspire my next designs and I'll share that process with you.  I'll probably not be posting maps but I will share some directions and photo's of landmarks and things to look out for so you can get to know these walks too.

I've been walking in Hebden Bridge for nineteen years now and I am still discovering new paths. I'm sure there are still many more left to be trodden.

* 'Short' walks can often become long ones if you are prone like me to lying on the forest floor taking photos or marveling at the tiny petals on a cow parsley flower for half an hour. I hope you will find as much inspiration as I do.


kjsutcliffe artist said...

Although we don't live in Hebden Bridge, we are not that far away and have family there, so we have walked it's steep sided hills and valleys. A number of your views I recognised :) My husband always says that walking with me is like taking a cat for a walk... I constantly stop to look and take photos, pick up bits, look at the view. So I know exactly what you mean!

Pamela said...

I am a walker, too, and love this post you did! Beautiful captures of your area!
Thank you and I will look forward to more. The bird nest is especially a treasure!

Cynthia Tozcirc said...

Just discovering your work and your blog now. Lovely! (Writing from the states but just wanted to post a small "Public Service Announcement" ... the photographed red mushroom is a Fly Agaric, and is poisonous. You probably know that from your beautiful studies of and in nature. (Just wasn't sure if any readers knew this. In the U.S. some people might recognize a Fly Agaric, but many wouldn't).

Very much looking forward to your blog and new designs!

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