Wednesday, 20 November 2019

Christmas Open Studio

We've never opened the studio before at Christmas. We have always been too busy in the shop BUT this is the first Christmas without a shop so we thought it would be a nice thing to do!

We have been making some winter treasures too. Mistletoe and Evergreen. It's ever so much fun having a laser cutter to play with in the studio. You can see them on my Tiny Treasures page.

The studio will be open on the 7th December from 11-5. You can come and choose your own tiny treasures from our pick-n-mix tray and find lamps and candle covers to gift your family and friends.

Julia Ogden will be opening her room with her cards and prints and other lovely screen printed goodies and Sarah and Suzi will be around too.

You can find us at:

Suite 1, Burlees House 
Hangingroyd Lane 
Hebden Bridge 
HX7 7DD 

Burlees House is adjacent to Hebden Bridge Town Hall in the centre of town. It's the big building (an old mill) to the right of Bonsalls hardware shop and it houses therapists, offices, art studios and is fronted by an Italian restaurant called La Perla.

Please note! A satnav will take you beyond our building so search for directions to the restaurant instead and it will bring you here. There is metered on street parking close by and we are opposite a couple of car parks. 

There are big glass doors at the front of the building. Buzz the buzzer for Suite 1 (it's 101 and the telephone icon) and we will let you in. 


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