Monday, 5 January 2009

Your Lamps In Your Homes

Did anyone get a Hannah Lamp for Christmas? If you did I would LOVE to hear from you. I am always intrigued to see what they look like in all the myriad of different homes that they go to. Occasionaly I pass a house in Hebden Bridge that has one in and it's really nice to see! So if you have one of my lamps in your house and you could take a quick snap of it and send it to me that would be wonderful! As a thankyou I'll give you a 10% discount on any further purchases that you make in the next year. Some of them I'll feature here on the blog.

Email your pictures to me and let me know your name, where you live, where you bought your lamp from.... and anything else that you'd like to say!

Many thanks in advance! x

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