Monday, 30 March 2009

Where have the candle covers gone???

I had to take my little tea light covers out of my shops today while I sort out a little design glitch that occurred over the weekend. Most of the ones that I have tested so far have been ABSOLUTELY fine, but a few of them have started to de-laminate around the top rim and I need to figure out exactly how I can fix that. I've been researching it ALL day and have a few things up my sleeve to try out.

It made me remember way back when I was designing my lamps and I hit a big brick wall about how to make my fittings inside. There were moments, well weeks actually, when I thought I'd never find a way and it was really frustrating. But i persevered and I got there in the end... as it turned out it was worth the furrowing of my brow and the earbashing of my fellow studio members (as I'm not in a shared space anymore you are getting the ear bashing)!

So I'll keep at it. They are too lovely to let pass me by. Hopefully they will be back out there giving their cosy little glow again very soon. I'll keep you posted!


Mr Lee said...

so good!

isabelle said...

I am sure you will find a way to bring them back ... to the shop

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