Thursday, 3 February 2011

A Painters Garden

We've just had our living room decorated and it's looking good. It's the first time in my life that we've had someone in to do the decorating and it has been soooo lovely. Emma Ossenton (if you're on twitter she is @waterrat77) is fantastic and super efficient so that's been a pleasure. We (or rather she) papered the end wall in Woodland Ferns from Sandersons' Painters Garden collection. It was astounding coming home from work yesterday and seeing how much it had changed the a good way might I add. It's very bold but we like it. I'll wait until we're all finished to get a picture of the whole room. For now here's just a bit.

AND it has inspired an idea! Well actually it's an idea I've had for a while but it inspired me to get on with it today. I have a tall Alpine Meadow lamp on top of the piano but it just doesn't sit well with the wallpaper. I was thinking it needed to be a woodland flower or something and this reminded me about my idea of making a collection of lamps like Victorian botanical studies.

In botanical studies I LOVE and am endlessly inspired by the little diagrams that you get alongside the drawing of the plant itself with beautiful scrolling letters marking the illustrations of the seeds and stamen and showing cross sections of the stems and leaves.

This first experiment is of is a Wood Anemone and I have lots more ideas that I am going to play with right now. I wonder which plant will soon be sitting on top of my piano!


jamjar said...

what a brillant idea, look forward to seeing more of your botanical lampshades.

BareBlooms said...

Love it, love it. The wall paper looks fab, well done Emma and love the botanical drawing idea (have I already said that?) oh yes and ...I love it!!
Chloe x

Rachel Lucie Johns said...

that paper looks stunning, can't wait to see the full room.

couldn't get that twitter id to the market for a good decorator at some point soon.

snap! thinking along those lines for some of my new collections (Victorian botanical prints) sounds wonderful!

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