Monday, 16 May 2011

The Do What You Love Retreat!

The last few days at the Do What You Love Retreat have been AMAZING. I was right in my last post when I said something special was about to happen. It absolutely did! Where to start...

The accommodation was spectacular. This was our classroom (check out the tipi on top of the hill). The workshops were so much fun. I did the workshop with Priscilla Jones.

Here are Rachael Taylor and Etsy Matt at work. The first day we made tools to paint with and painted onto tissue with dyes (playing like kids). Then in the afternoon we did mono printing on top of our pictures.

Then we made a framework out of wire and then covered it in silk and wax (Priscilla's special technique). Ellie here is making a cup cake.

(photo by NavyBlur)

I had to make something that lit up so I made a wonky standard lamp! You'll see the finished result later.

We had hours of chatting and getting to know each other. It was soooo nice.

(photo by NavyBlur)

The details were to cry for. Beth had made everyone a welcome pack full of beautiful goodies.

We ate home cooked food in a tipi adorned with garlands and lanterns.

The creative enterprise sessions were inspiring. We had Q&A sessions with painter Flora Bowley, artist Priscilla Jones, Rachel Hazell the book maker, surface pattern designer Rachael Tayler and there was the session with myself and Matt Stinchcomb from Etsy. What a guy he was. I was more nervous than i thought but it was such a cosy session. Beth had set it up like a TV chat show with sofas and a coffee table lit by the light of my lamps. I haven't got a picture (really honestly it did happen) but the official photographers took lots of pictures (they were an amazing young couple full of energy and life, Navyblur and they photographed EVERYTHING) and the whole thing was filmed so I will maybe be able to see it and share it sometime soon. I might tell you more about that another time. It was a great honour to be there though I can tell you!

We did Kundalini yoga with the lovely Devi Kirin every morning (except one, i was knackered). It was lovely! Tried it outside but it was a bit windy!

We had gallery night where we shared our work.

This was Devi Krins.

This was Floras painting.

The books made with Rachel Hazel made me cry. They were like treasures.

I have decided I'm going to go and do one of her courses in the Summer Isles next year.

This is my crazy standard lamp. Someone said it looked like the Borrowers had made it. hahaha

I have put more images on Flickr.

But, I will save the best until last. The absolute best thing that happened were all the personal connections made. Creative souls coming together with one common goal. To Do What We Love! There was such a special buzz around the place, everyone learning from one another and inspiring each other on our creative journeys.

(photo by NavyBlur)

I have brought back so much - a renewed energy, new friends, new plans, a quiet confidence in what I'm doing, some new dreams to explore but the best thing I have brought back is the spirit of the place. It is still with me. This spirit can now carry on shining in the real world!

Thanks Beth. So wonderful to be a part of your dream coming true! Well done you!


Unknown said...

Sounds absolutely brilliant! Thanks for sharing & spreading the creative give!

WrightStuff said...

I'm still floating Hannah. I went into work today and quite possibly bored them senseless - though I think they did at least get the feel for my passion!

Anonymous said...

It was lovely to meet you Hannah and see your wonderful lamps. Am also enjoying reading all the blog accounts and remembering all the details.

the travelling bookbinder said...

A luminous posting!
Love your lamp!
See you before the Summer Isles,
Best and Bookiest, Rachel

Jenny said...

what a wonderful and creative course to go on, looks like so much fun! Your lamp is stunning, so pretty, it is a work of art! Love Rachel's little books too, they are just gorgeous x

makiko hastings said...

I hear from so many of you that the retreat was fantastic experience, and I could see how much you enjoyed it too. I must say I LOVE your lamp :) They are so pretty. Thank you for sharing. xm

Kat Sloma said...

Wonderful post, images, stories! It was so much fun to meet you. I love how your love of lighting showed through, even in another art form. :)

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl) said...

What a lovely summing-up! And pretty pictures! So glad you enjoyed it so much. And great to spend time with you, Hannah. :)

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

I loved reading this! It's so fab to see everyone's retrospectives. :) It was lovely to meet you and I loved your Borrowers lamp!

HowtoBEaCOOLoldLady said...

oh what a wonderful posting on it. And so lovely to sneak a peak inside Priscilla's classroom (it was the only place that remained a mystery to me - and a class I would love to take in the future too!) I really must make a sensible posting on the whole thing! I am still just scrawling giddy notes! xxx

beth said...

Just beautiful Hannah. We were so lucky to have you join us. Thank you for sharing your radiant self! Love you lamp so much

Artylicious said...

Looks fantastic and a very inspiring place!

Heart Gallery said...

Inspiring Hannah, thank you for sharing xXx

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