Thursday, 5 May 2011

Oui Decor, new stockist in France

It was lovely to get these photographs through from my new (and first) stockist in France, 'Oui Decor'. They have only been open a couple of weeks but Jenny says the lamps are going down well so far!

Oui Decor, 32 Grand Rue, Sauze-Vaussais, 79190 FRANCE


Jennifer Tetlow said...

What lovely images to have, the lamps look wonderful (would say it in French if I could!) So you're now London Paris New York? - I've always wanted to put that on my card!

over stock lighting said...

Beautiful lamps.. I wish I could have one and place it in my room I think it will look good when all the lights are out and the lamp is the only one who has lights.

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