Monday, 13 June 2011

Big Things Ahead

I am sooooo proud of this amazing girl! This is a joyful interview with her on the Big Things blog. It's a lovely read all about her photography and the books and zines that she publishes.

And just in case you think I'm always blogging about Ffion and not about my boy Euan well let me tell you, I'm equally as proud of him.

This is his Sound Cloud page where you can hear his latest musical creations. They send shivers up my spine. He's amazing.

Wow! My best creations ever!

1 comment:

{furi kuri} travels said...

Hannah your kids blow me away! Holy moly you my dear have one incredibly inspiring family! Your daughters images are lovely and your sons music is deadly - I adore it!

Well done mama on raising such a creative family and encouraging them to do what they love! xx

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