Monday, 20 June 2011

Loula Belle

I LOVE this photo so much. This is my daughter and her friends modelling for Loula Belle at home in the launderette (yes they did get a few funny looks). Leonie Stephenson makes these gorgeous vintage style pinnies in the most pretty fabrics. I saw Leonies work for the first time the other evening when Fiona had a brilliant fashion party at her house. They are beautifully made and would turn baking into the most stylish affair! Leonie gave me her business card with this image on when I saw her but seeing it over on on 7071 design blog
just now made me want to put it on my blog too!!!

Loula Belle keeps a lovely blog with lots of recipe ideas (she made a gorgeous lemon drizzle the other night) and this is her shop.


{furi kuri} travels said...

This photo is adorable! I'm totally smitten and definitely can't wait to check out those super cute aprons (and go bake something delicious now!)


I love it too Hannah. It is my favourite image. It's perfect. The girls did us proud, as I am sure Ffion does you all the time.BW :-)

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