Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Super speedy Scrabble!

The other night I wanted to feel like we were on holiday as we're not having one all together this year. Last year in our holiday cottage in Dorset we played a lot of Scrabble. In fact we were all obsessed by it but we never play when we're at home. So out came the wine and the chocolate and at home we have the added extra bonus of cats. Robert time lapsed it so this is super speedy Scrabble. Wouldn't ask you to watch it otherwise. YAWN!

After we finished our game I looked at my my Twitter stream and found out about all the atrocities going on across the country. I'd been busy working and it was the first I'd heard of it. Shocking. I was in Manchester yesterday afternoon doing some interviews and actually had a look around Miss Selfridge on my way back to the station before it was set in fire only a few hours later. This morning I was there again for another book interview and witnessed the aftermath. Lots of damage and boarded up windows and shopkeepers photographing the evidence. Nice to see SO many people ready to muck in with the clean up. I've never seen so many brooms!

We just had another game of Scrabble tonight. Ffion came back from camping and wanted a game. Funny how the words 'riot', 'thug' and 'loots' (well loots backwards) made it onto the board!


Amy Hauschild said...

it's very funny especially seeing the cats! Don't know if it's Ollie or Tomsk who eventually gets fed up with you leaning over all the time!
good you're getting the holiday spirit
speak soon missus xxx

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