Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Teatime at Gordon Riggs

So I've been in all day writing (it's hard you know it takes me SOOO long to write anything) and I needed to get out, so me and my Ffion took a trip to Gordon Riggs for some plant inspiration and I fancied a new succulent for the windowsill. I can't quite believe that plant in my trolley. What the heck is it? It's amazing!
It was very therapeutic looking at all the plants and smelling in the air and we marvelled at all the shapes and laughed at how we were both happy to see the simplest of things.

We had to bring some of the strings of peas home as we love them.

Tip for the day: If you're going to go to Gordon Riggs, go at at 5pm because everyone is at home having their tea! It was so peaceful and we had the place to ourselves!


TIKA said...

I love succulents, and these on your photos are so special!

Sarah said...

Gordon Riggs is ace! I always try and get my parents to take me there whenever I"m home :) I've never seen those string of peas plants though, they look interesting.

Also, did you know, Gordon Riggs is in Which?'s top ten garden centers in the country? Top fact!

Isabelle said...

I love succulent too ... real pieces of art of our beautiful nature

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