Monday, 21 November 2011

Lighting up the Russian Tea Room

I have been working on some designs for the Russian Tea Room in Skipton which is due to open in December. They asked me to make lampshades for the tables in the cafe so I have been working on some designs based on traditional Russian folk art.

It's a nice subject to draw inspiration from with beautiful scrolling designs of flowers, leaves, birds and berries. This is the first design but there will be another four to come.

The Russian Tearoom already has one outlet in Bacup, Lancashire but they are opening their second cafe in the Yorkshire market town of Skipton and as well as the tearoom it will also have a shop and the lamps will be on sale there. Looks like it's going to be lovely.


Ted and Agnes said...

how exciting that's just 2 doors away from birdcage it's going to be the most excellent end of Skipton!

jax said...

I had never heard of The Russian Tea Rooms will have to pay them a visit when it opens.The lamps look lovely and how great that they have asked you to make them something special! x

Jennifer Tetlow said...

What wonderful subject matter - its going to look very stylish and inviting.

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