Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New Stockists

I thought I'd share some of my new stockists with you as I am pleased to have some lamps in some great new locations. First up Nova Scotia, Canada! This is Dots & Loops Handmade and holds the record for being my most distant stockist.What an inspiring shopfront! I love it. They sell handmade goods from all over the world and I would very much like to visit! This photo montage came from

Next up, Pippin in Edinburgh, a brand new gift and homewares shop opened by jeweller Erica Stahl. I will look forward to popping in when I go up and visit next time.

I'm pleased to be in Harrison Lord in Brighouse too after they ordered some work at GNCCF. My dear friend Kate Lycett talks highly of them as she sells many of her beautiful paintings there. (have a quick peep on her website, you might see the new paper lanterns that she's cooking up...they are soooo sweet and I'm going to have them at Radiance when they're ready).

And here we have my FIRST STOCKIST IN IRELAND! Hooray! Ireland always looked so bare on my stockist map and I thought it would be great to seek out some stockists, but as I hadn't got round to it I was very happy to take an order from this lovely gallery O'Reilly & Turpin in County Mayo. I'll be posting their order off next week.

Met someone at the show who distributes crafts to Japan too who I'm now in conversation with. Watch this space!


pauline said...

Hannah, this is wonderful!

I've been following your blog for a while now and i absolutely ADORE what you do. I am thrilled to see that your gorgeous lamps will now be sold in Nova Scotia, Canada!! I live in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia's neighbouring province, so i will surely be paying this little shop a visit in the near future.

Best of everything to you... :-)

charlotted_uk said...

Hi Hannah
Wish I could pop over to that lovely looking shop in Nova Scotia too. Brilliant to have you beautiful lamps spread over the globe! Is that all from the success of the Manchester Craft Fair? Sorry I never made it there - Will try again next year! x

Cecilia Levy said...

congratulations Hannah, what lovely places to have your lamps in!

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