Thursday, 9 August 2012

Behind the scenes at the photo shoot

Our photoshoot was fab. We had an intense and very enjoyable couple of days in my living room setting up shots and photographing lots and lots of lamps. Occasionally we would come up for air and take a trip to the florists or the Antiques Centre for props and inspiration.

I was SO pleased with the wallpapers. They made the perfect backdrop and added a lovely warmth and texture to each picture.

There were so many lamps queuing up to have their picture taken...

waiting for their moment (or 30 moments sometimes) in front of the cameras.

Sarah did a lot of thinking how to get the light just right for each one.

 It varied with every single design so she had her work cut out She is very clever indeed and tackled this tricky job so well.

 Here are my pretend walls. Putting the skirting board on was fun and added to the illusion!

By the end of the day there were props everywhere. Pretty bits a midst the chaos!

Oh and I must say thank you to Tomsk for 'helping' (We hadn't blue tacked him down honest)!

We have so many lovely pictures. Tomorrow is Ffions last day working on the new website. She has been at it 9-5 for six whole weeks (which have flown by...even she says so) and I must say it's looking spectacular. She couldn't wait to get her hands on the new photographs and has settled them into the new site already in her super efficient and no messing about way.

I can't wait to show you!


rossichka said...

I'm also eager to see the website!
The photos are wondreful, you and your friend have done a great job! The lamps shine magically and the wallpapers are lovely, too! Thank you for this midnight (for me!) exhibition!:)

Sarah Mason Photography said...

A most enjoyable and creative way to spend a couple of days at HN headquarters! I can't believe we photographed so many different designs, shapes and sizes of lamp prettiness!

I think Tomsk looks very handsome in his picture. Ffion has done such an AMAZING job - can't wait for the new website to be launched now!

S xx

Natalie said...

Great photos....................exciting stuff!!

amrita nambiar said...

hannah they look beautiful, the wallpapers and the lamps! the pictures are totally doing them justice too :)

Julia Ogden said...

They look lovely Hannah, I really like the wallpapers! Sarah is very clever too.

Unknown said...

Very interesting to have a behind the scenes view of the photo shoot! Your designs make very pretty wallpapers.

Ogee skirting said...

Love it all,Is this all a handmade crafts?You did a great job because all are decorative which add glitz to a dark room which you want to have attractive look.

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