Thursday, 2 August 2012

Matt Sewells Garden Birds

I had a bit of a crazy bird dream last night and I think reading this lovely book by Matt Sewell had a lot to do with it. Matts book is charming and is full of beautiful illustrations of all our favourite garden birds with brilliant writing about each character. 

He describes Long Tailed Tits as 'Tiny Clouds in Tracksuits' (how sweeeeet) and thinks The Green Woodpecker might be more at home with a can of lager and a kebab!

In my dream there were birds everywhere and we were trying to identify them. They were all a bit quirky and characterful. There was a pair of 'Goose Eagles' (long necked eagles...hmmmm)  nesting outside my window waiting for their chicks to hatch. There were shiny shiny gold finches

and this guy was in it with his splendid head dress. I've never been lucky enough to see one these fellows in real life!

I think his the Coal Tit illustration is my favourite. I love those little dears. 

I'm really glad I bought this book. It cheers me up every time I pick it up. I found it in Magma in Manchester and Ffion pointed out that I already followed Matt Sewell on Twitter. Yey! I'm a fan.


Mavis Glover said...

I was fortunate enough to see one in Italy 3 years ago and they are beautiful. A couple of weeks ago my 3 year old grandson annouced "I've just seen a hoopoo in the garden". my daughter said she didn't think it would be to which he said "I know, it was a blackbird but that's a bit boring"!!!

Hannah Nunn said...

I love that story Mavis. I'm impresses that your grandson knew what one was in the first place!!

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