Wednesday 2 January 2013

Delighting in The Simple Things (magazine...I'm in it!)

 I've been looking forward to sharing this for a while. I am soooo happy to be a contributor in issue 5 of The Simple Things magazine which is out in the shops right now. This magazine celebrates 'the things that matter most''s simple pleasures. It's warm. It's cosy. It is full of beautiful photographs and the first time I read it I WISHD I could be in it. 

I LOVE it when wishes come true. 

The magazine commissioned me to write a piece about light and to design a little 'how to' project for their readers. 

I enjoyed writing every word.

 and Sarah Mason enjoyed taking all the gorgeous photos for the project.

I thought a Snowdrop would be a good flower for January.

Holding it up to the light! This photo is our favourite.

I don't normally stitch my lamps together but it made it possible for someone to make one without them having to use all my custom made poppers and clips you see.

We've been very excited about seeing the finished results...

...about opening the magazine and seeing it all laid out.

We knew they would do a beautiful job.

It's true!

The magazine always prints somebody's wallpaper on the inside front and back covers. I was very happy when they asked if they could print mine! Better get cracking and get some in production!

So if you'd like to have a go at making a Snowdrop candle cover of your own get out and grab a copy of this beautiful magazine...better still treat yourself to a subscription (making sure it includes issue 5 of course) because there is always something lovely in there.

Thankyou Simple Things x


Anonymous said...

I literally just bought the magazine this morning, did my usual quick flick but had to stop at your piece - the light covers are completely gorgeous! I love the flower designs, simple but elegant and a little bit wistful, just lovely!

Ann Martin said...

Congratulations Hannah! What a lovely feature article with gorgeous pictures. I love the idea of closing the cylinder with hand stitching.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Hannah and a big woo hoo from America! I am going to try to get a copy sent over. I'm sure there's a receptive audience for your teaching if you ever choose to go that route. (As if you weren't busy enough eh!)

Kimberly Jones said...

Many congratulations on your article Hannah! I love The Simple Things and can't wait to get the issue with your beautiful work in it. So lovely!

Anonymous said...

Great artwork & photography.I love the mag...<3

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Hannah for the inspiring art work. I am trying to make my own. Could you tell me what kind of parchment paper that you use? Thanks so much again!

Unknown said...

Precioso voy a hacer el intento

Anonymous said...

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